The Kidz Curator Loves… SWAGGIES: roll on nap time!


Have you heard of Swaggies yet?! Are you a parent with littlies at daycare?!! If so, this  product is going to blow your mind!!!

Swaggies are a modern, light-weight, new style of daycare bedding and Mr 2.5 is lucky enough to be giving one a whirl here at The Kidz Curator HQ. Now where to start, there are sooooo many features I could rave about it’s hard to pick which one to share first! Maybe I’ll let these snaps do the talking…


Swaggies are the brainchild of one seriously clever mama called Rachel who came up with the concept when her own twin boys were just about to start daycare for the first time – she was slightly flummoxed by the idea of having to send a pillow, flat sheet and fitted sheet for both of her little men, the possibility of losing them and them having to be replaced and of course the logistics of carrying all this stuff along with a babe in each arm. She started to hunt for something to make her life a little easier and when she couldn’t find anything available (that wasn’t bulky or pricey) she decided to come up with a solution of her own!

For the description I’m going to be a bit cheeky and cut and paste the blurb from the Swaggies website because, quite simply, I couldn’t word it any better myself!

“Swaggies are designed with thick polyester backing for daycare durability.The popular Monochrome print on the back of the quilted design is complimented with a soft grey cotton on the base and an attached neutral coloured fleece blanket. Attached pillow with removable insert and attached pocket to store your child’s favourite comforter. 

Swaggies are 1.22m long and 0.58m wide with elastic straps that secure it in place on the stackable daycare beds

Swaggies are recommended for supervised daycare sleep of children aged two years and up.”

Now for our opinion on the Swaggie… in short, we LOVE it!!! It is usually a struggle to get Evan to comply with any photo-taking that occurs in this household but as soon as I rolled out the Swaggie and he touched the soft, fleece blanket he no-joke hopped straight inside!

Our favourite feature, however, just has to be the adorable pocket to store your little one’s beloved teddy bear or comforter in safe and sound. How nice for them to have a little piece of familiarity from their beds at home with them during their daycare sleeps. Evan chose to pop in his blue cat which was a present from his darling Nanny & Grandad on the day he was born, it has lost its eyes now… don’t ask how… all I am going to say is they ended being the output of a rather large sneeze. Anyway, back to the subject:

Another great feature about the Swaggie is that it’s so light Evan can carry it all by himself. He was super proud of being so independent and looked SO cute in the process – I’m sure you’ll agree:

Now for the practical stuff:

  • Swaggies can be machine-washed once you remove the pillow insert and are best line-dried in the beautiful Australian sunshine!
  • To roll your Swaggie: lay it flat, fold the fleece blanket back on itself a little so the pocket is seen, then roll from the bottom to top so that the handle is exposed. Finally slip the elastic over each end and your little Swaggie user is good to go!
  • Swaggie Fundraising Drives are now available within daycare centres – get in touch with Rach for more info including kickback amounts
  • Swaggies are $59 + shipping or you can pay with ‘AfterPay – Shop Now. Ship Now. Enjoy Now. Pay Later!!!
  • Sadly the Monochrome Swaggie as seen in this post is currently sold out but you can register to be emailed when they become available!

Thank you SO much Rach for letting us experience your amazing product – I can genuinely say we are HUGE fans and I wish you every success with Swaggies – I’ve a feeling you’re going to be one busy mama!

Rosie xoxo



Phone: 0478 149 572



Instagram: @swaggies_au

DISCLOSURE:  The product written about in this post was gifted to The Kidz Curator by Swaggies. This is a personal blog written and edited by The Kidz Curator and all opinions/views expressed are entirely my own. I do not and will not write about anything that I wouldn’t endorse personally.


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